Shes A Moslem Im A Christian Our Love Was Doomed From The Start


They say sex is the most intense form of pleasure a person can experience.This may be true, but at the same time sex could also  be the most dangerous of all forms of pleasure – I am not even talking about AIDS now. I am talking about good old fashioned lynching. Right now i am riding in the open back of a truck, I only managed to escape lynching by the skin of my fore escaping, i’d have been dead meat by now. I am on my way to Lagos where i will make my way to the east where my home town is. In fact i should have gone home two months ago when i finished my youth service, But i did not, i stayed back because of Aisha; now i know that  it was fate that kept me back to teach me a dire lesson.

The whole thing began about seven months ago when i got posted to a day secondary school in Ikeja, the capital of Lagos State, I had kept changing, looking for a place with a fatter pay and finally i ended up in the day secondary school. But i was still unsatisfied  By now however, they were beginning to get tired of me at the secretariat.

“Youngman it appears to me that you are not prepared to serve your country”, the director told me when i complained.its so not sir i replied. It is just that i suffer from recurrent malaria fever so i have to work in a place that is very conducive,

That is why we put you in a secondary school. All you have to do is talk to the students, what is hard in that?

There was nothing i could do. 8I gave in as gracefully as i could, By now i had succeeded in wasting almost six months of service year. Five months to go.

The next day i reported at my new station feeling very very dejected, The principal was overjoyed to see me.

Yes, we really need a maths teachers, he said shaking my hand warmly. He sent sent me to the vice-principals who sent me to curriculum master who was to tell me the classes to teach and where to stay the only snag was that the curriculum master turned out to be not a master but a mistress. Her name was Malama Aishatu El-Nafati………..




To be continued……

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