Matters of the heart: I lied to my girlfriend about my age, she is 3 years older, I want to propose, should I confess?


I met my girlfriend a while ago and because I liked her and wanted a relationship with her, I lied about my age to make it look like I am older than she is.

I did this majorly because I really did not think of the future of our relationship, I did not see myself falling in love talk more of wanting to marry her, but now I have fallen and I want to marry her.

I really do not care about the age difference but I think she would care especially the fact that I his it from her all this while.

A part of me wants me to go ahead and propose to her forgetting the ‘white lie’ while a part of me wants me to confess and see if she would forgive me

Please ladies, would you forgive me and still marry me if you were in my girlfriend’s shoes.
I love her, I don’t want to lose her and to me, age doesn’t really matter. I know she loves me, I’m just not very sure how she feels about marrying a younger man.

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