I Killed An 8 Years Old Girl To Keep My Husband Pt.3

I left with my mind at ease and by Friday, Segun came back home with the girl and guess who else came with her? Her mother. It was at that moment all the love and respect I had for Segun flew out the window. He even had the effontery to call me and try to introduce her to me. ” What is she doing here Segun? Kini ale e n se nibi bayi?”  I asked. ”Ibukun stop being stupid and overly sensitive about this issue. I have begged and begged. What else do you want me to do? You just have to get used to the fact that Toyosi is here to stay. Don’t make this harder for me than it  already is”. Segun’s words provoked me so much that I could do anything to get Toyosi and her mother out of my house or better still out of this world for good. How can Segun open his mouth to say all these to me? How can he treat me like this ? I wondered.

Toyosi’s mother also brought her load so I figured she was here to stay, I couldn’t bear living in the same house with her so I made her sleep in the boys quarters. Later that night, Modupe called me and asked how everything was going. I told her everything that had happened since the last time I came visiting her. Then she said to me ” I went out to look for a solution to your problem and now everything depends on you?”. ”What do you mean ?” I asked. ”You know I would do anything to get my husband back and keep my family safe. Modupe please help me”.

”Ibukun I wont lie to you, we will have to kill that child. Thats the only way” Modupe said. ”Ahhhhhh!!!! Modupeee eyan buruku nie o. So you want me to kill someone? I cant even kill an ant not to talk of killing a human being. Ahh Modupe I’m so dissapointed in you. I was even thinking you will help me to organize some boys and chase Toyosi and her mother out of the house when Segun isn’t at home. Not knowing this was the plan you had. I’m very sorry but I cant do it. Mi o le see. Odabo. Ma koba mi” I said and hung up the call.

Toyosi and her mother had been living with us for a week now and it just got more and more unbearable. One particular day, I was cooking yam porridge for dinner. After cooking and cleaning the kitchen, I started dishing the food then Toyosi’s mother entered the kitchen offering to help. I told her her help wasn’t needed but she still refused to leave . After dishing Segun’s food, she added stew on the porridge I served him. I was so angry and just started shouting.”Why did you do that? Who sent you?” I asked. ”That’s how he likes it” she said. I got even angrier and pounced on her. I hit her several times until Segun came to separate us.”Segun can you see the insult you have brought upon me and my children? Can you see what you have caused?” I said wailing. I was so angry that night that I started thinking that what Modupe told me to do was actually the best thing to do. ”Afterall if Tosin dies there will be no need to worry about anything. Her stupid mother will leave my house for me. Everybody will just cry for a week and continue their daily life” I thought. I pondered over this for a while then decided i was going to do exactly that.

The next day I went to see Modupe and apologized for the way I spoke to her over the phone the other day. ”I knew you would still come to meet me that’s why I didn’t bother calling you. So are you ready to get your husband back now?” she asked.”Yes o Modupe, I am very ready to fight for what’s mine. Is it not because of that useless Toyosi that her mother has the gut to insult me in my own house. Ahh there’s no going back o. I’m ready” I said. ”Good. Now take this” she gave me a whitish substance wrapped in a clear bag. ”When you get home tonight add it in Toyosi’s food and make sure she’s the only one that eats it”. I was so happy that that night my troubles would come to an end. I thanked Modupe, took the poison and went home to cook dinner. That night I was very happy, I didn’t fight with anyone. I even asked Toyosi what her favorite food was and she said pounded yam and eforiro and that’s what I made for dinner. After cooking, I dished the food for everyone carefully and added the poison in Toyosi’s food. At this time everyone hadn’t come downstairs for dinner yet. I dropped the food on the table and went to get water for everyone. Ordinary water that I went to get ruined my life. Fifunmi had eaten Toyosi’s food thinking it was hers. At that moment, my world came flashing before my eyes. ”Who told you to touch any food here? why did you eat it” I screamed so loud and everyone came down. I couldn’t control my emotions. I just killed my child all because of jealousy. ”WHAT HAVE I DONE?” I cried. Everyone was wondering what was happening until Fifunmi started coughing and complaining of stomach ache. We rushed her to the nearest hospital but it was already too late. I used my hand to kill my own daughter. As I held Fifunmi in my arms, I cried ” Oluwalofifunmi Rebecca Agbeke Peters, I’m so sorry for what I did to you. I hope you forgive me for this”. Well, Segun chased me out of his home and legally married Toyosi’s mother. All that I labored for ended up in vain.



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