I Killed An 8 Years Old Girl To Keep My Husband Pt. 2

In a bid to save my children and the future of my children, I decided to do something about it. Two days earlier my husband had travelled and I was sure he was going to Abeokuta to see Toyosi and her mother where they’ve been living since he had her. I couldn’t let this happen, I couldn’t bear the thought of another of my husbands child coming to live with us in my matrimonial home, I just had to do something to stop all that from happening so one afternoon when my children Monjola and Fifunmi were at school i quickly went to meet my friend Modupe. She’s the only person I knew could come to my rescue in situations like this. She was surprised when she saw me because I hadn’t gone to visit her in while.

”Ibukun! Is everything alright?” she asked me. ”Nothing is fine o Modupe. Segun has finally killed me” I said wailing.

”Ahan what did Segun do? What is wrong at home? Hope Monjola and Fifunmi are alright” I couldn’t even give her a reply as I was still wailing. ”Just eat, rest and we will talk later. There’s no problem in this life that doesn’t have a solution” I then ate and slept for a while. When I woke up I told her everything that happened and she was just nodding her head in sympathy while I was talking.

Lai lai, Ko le shele” she said in Yoruba. ”That girl cannot live in your house. It is not possible. Can’t you see this is a plot to get you out of that house? Ehn! Ibukun can’t you see? Who knows whether he’s been keeping the girl’s mother at the side all these while? What if they just poison you and kill you? Ahh Ibukun we have to do something about this kia kia. When did you say he’ll be back again?”

”By Friday” I said. ”Go home and meet your children shogbo. Maa pe e” she said.

To be continued…

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