I Killed An 8 Years Old Girl To Keep My Husband Pt. 1

The day my husband brought home his bastard 8 years old daughter was the beginning of my misery. She is only just 8 years old which means my husband obviously had her when he was only twenty-seven because he’s thirty-five now and that was 3 years before we got married. Three whole years he kept her a secret from me and even got married to me and still didn’t tell me throughout our 5 years of marriage. I remember vividly the night he told me about his bastard daughter and I can remember clearly the guilt he had on his face. He woke me up in the middle of the night saying : ”Tosin please wake up there’s something important we need to discuss”. I asked him what was so important that he just couldn’t wait till daybreak to discuss. ” I have a daughter” he said. At first, I was like obviously we have a daughter because I thought he was referring to our daughter, Oyin. He went on saying ”I had her 8 years ago while I was working in Abeokuta”. ”So why did you choose to tell me now” I asked. ”I just felt it was time to bring her home to her father, she’s always writing me telling me how her friends laugh at her at school for not having a father. She just really needs my love and care”. I felt there was more to what my husband said. Something kept on telling me it was deeper than I thought. I was just quite sure that Olusegun Aremu Peters, the husband I got married to will not bring a bastard child home to me after all these years all because she’s missing her dad. He has obviously been going to visit her all these years for her to have remembered him. Everything just wasn’t adding up and I wasn’t ready to jeopardize my marriage or have the future of my kids threatened. I had to do something about it.

To be continued…….

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