“I have a question.”

Not even looking over at him from her computer screen,she nodded and said, “You often do.”

He pursed his lips together and responded, “Yes, but they’re never work related. This one is inappropriate so I’m asking permission to ask it.”

Now looking over at him, she repeated back, “Inappropriate”

he nodded.

“Ok. Ask away,” she gave him permission while he caressed her hands together.

He blushed and said, “I have always wondered if – if you’ve ever…”

He was trailing off so she hurried him on to his question, “Now you have to ask because I’m curious.”

“…If you’ve ever wanted someone down there giving head while you’re working” he pointed to underneath her desk.

Her eyes twinkled with mischief and she teased him, “Are you offering I don’t think you can actually fit down there.”

He blushed and said, “It was just a question. I was curious.”

Her eyes dimmed a little, “Of course I’ve thought about it. There’s usually too many people around my open cubicle so there’s no point in wondering if it could ever actually happen,” she rolled her chair closer to him and continued, “unless two people happened to have worked very late and no one else is around. I’m assuming that’s why you thought now would be a good time to walk over and start an inappropriate conversation.”

He glanced around the dimly lit office. It was too late for anyone else to be around and now he realized how dangerous his silly question had been.

Outside of his pants, she trailed her fingers up his back, then followed the top hem around to hook her finger underneath and pull him into his cubicle.

She stood up and slid her other fingers up his left leg, tracing the zipper of his pants up to his waist. Slowly pulling the zipper down, his pants fell down from his waist. She had maneuvered him so he was leaning against her desk and she now stood with barely centimeters between them, her broad shoulders taking up his view of the office.

He stepped back to look down at her and said, “allow me take control. I will make you feel better than you can ever imagine”. ”Do your worst” she said as she closed her eyes and bit her lip, a small sound of satisfaction hanging in her throat.

He had been staring at her ass but his head shot up to look at the back of her head when he heard the noise. He teased at her, “Oh, you naughty girl, you liked that!”

He did it again, smack, and she moaned as the sensation traveled up her body, destined to stop in a pool of pleasure. He did it again and she moaned out loud, wiggling against his hand.

He did it one more time, smack!, then glided his fingers up to pull her panties down. They slid down her legs and dropped to the floor with her skirt. He moved his hand in between her legs and slowly rubbed her spot of pleasure, eliciting more moans from her.

Unbuttoning his pants, he stepped forward and slid his c*** between her legs. Pushing her hair to the other side of her face, he moved his lips next to her ear and whispered softly, “You’re so warm.”

She moved a leg sideways, resting it up against the desk as she braced herself to move against him. He unbuttoned her bra and moved his hand to cup her breast as it jiggled back and forth with her movement. Pinching the nipple, she cried out, “Oh, yes!”

They started to move faster with growing anticipation and he plunged in seemingly deeper with every thrust. He could look down and see the heart shape of her ass cheeks as they slapped against his body with every movement.

He moved his hand in front of her and again stroked at her pleasure spot. He pushed hard inside of her, changing their rhythm and as a pounding pressure built inside of her, she eventually responded with moans of ecstasy.

His body was ready to respond to her orgasm. He leaned in by her ear and asked, “Can you swallow”

He remained closer to her so his lips brushed against her temple when she nodded.

He was so close it was difficult pulling completely out of her warm p****, but as he sat down in the chair, her hand was already keeping a steady pace around him. As soon as he was seated, her mouth was over him, her hot tongue gliding over his hard, smooth skin. Naughtily sucking, up and down, he felt a tightening in the base of his groin.

He was ready as he groaned and felt his orgasm shoot out of his c*** into her mouth. She paused her up and down movement to suck on the tip as she swallowed, resuming the motion again for a moment afterwards.

Getting up to put his pants back on, she stopped him with his pants halfway up his legs. Laying a gentle kiss on his soft lips, she said with a tease in her eyes, “I think your question was the best thing I’ve heard all day.”

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