How to rock Chelsea Boots

How to rock Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a timeless classic that deserve pride of place in any man’s footwear wardrobe. No matter your age, size, or personal style. One of the best things about the Chelsea boot is how incredibly versatile and easy to wear it is. Whether it’s a formal, casual or somewhere in between, the Chelsea boot can easily be dressed to suit the occasion.  If you’re worried about putting together a Chelsea boot supported ensemble, here are a few tips.

Always wear them with your jeans / trousers outside the boots, that is just the rule.


Suede chelsea boots are perfect for a more casual look, with faux suede allowing for a broader range of colours that look great with skinny jeans.

SUITSSimply mix with jeans and a t-shirt for a superior smart casual ensemble.



A classic navy or blue tailored suit paired with a brown leather Chelsea boot. The contrast of the brown against blue is a failsafe, always leave your jeans sit over Chelsea boots as this makes you look clean and smart.



If you’re keeping the look dressed down with jeans, with a nice shirt and jacket or blazer combination. With the boots themselves, go for black suede or leather to keep things formal.

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