How To Pull Off Relaxed-Fit Trousers

How To Pull Off Relaxed-Fit Trousers

Unlike skinny jeans, which can make it seem as if your torso is teetering on a pair of cricket stumps, relaxed-fit trousers add some heft to the lower part of the body. Just don’t make the mistake of echoing that up top. However wide you go, getting the fit right is key. With that much extra material already on show, the world doesn’t need to see your underwear as well. Make sure the trousers or jeans hit near your waist, not hips also make sure the trousers have a slightly cropped profile, which will ensure they feel current and on trend. Here are some tips on  how to pull the look of.

By Clement Uanseru.

The Shoes

The right shoe can make or break this trend. The wider silhouette in the leg is complimented by a wider, round toe like you get on a pair of sneakers, avoid slightly pointier, narrow shoes such as loafers as they will jar with the loose fabric and end up looking like you’ve been taking. Shoes like sneakers, leather derby shoes, suede dessert boots, will hard boots, brogue shoes will go a long way in pulling off the look.


Create A Contrast

Unlike skinny jeans, relaxed-fit trousers add some heft to the lower part of the body. The mistake people make with wide-leg trousers, is going wide everywhere else, If wearing relaxed trousers, everything else should be fitted, wide trousers worn with a fitted shirt looks considered.



Casual looks are the easiest way to experiment, Start off with a classic colour or fabric, such as navy or black in cotton or a wool blend, denim is also an easy way into the trend. Wear with a well fitting crew neck T-shirt.



When wearing a blazer with relaxed-fit trousers, the more material around your legs, the less your jacket should drop, to balance it out. Try a pair of cropped wide-leg trousers with chunky boots, a button-down white shirt and unstructured navy blazer.

In business casual offices, A well cut pair of pleated trousers can bring a rakish touch to a formal look by pairing with a deconstructed blazer, a crisp shirt and some polished Derby shoes.


Photos Fron FashionBeans.

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