Friends With Amazing Benefits


I was attending school in a city about 100 miles from home. I spent a lot of time with Selena and Zachary who were also students in my class. Zachary wasn’t married and Selena was 250 miles from home. The 3 of us studied together and went drinking together. Selena and I hung out with each other more at either her apartment or mine since Mark usually had other plans.

The subject of sex came up a few times but we always said it might mess with our friendship. So it never happened until once when we had been out drinking and ended up back at her place. She had to pee so she went to her bathroom. She came out with her jean short unzipped. She walked over to me putting herself up and said feel my panties how silky soft they are. I had just enough alcohol in me to oblige. So I slid my hand into her panties and proceeded to feel the silkIness. Her head leaning back into me as now I had moved behind her. Her panties by this time were soaking with her juices. That was even more than I could take, my mind went wild with the thought of feeling her sex now. So I brought my hand up and down her silky smooth belly under her waist band across her bush reaching her bare sex now. She let out a loud moan as I crossed her clitoris reaching her very wet slit. I slid two fingers into her wetness and began to swirl them around hitting her g-spot and working it. I eased her onto her back on her couch and grabbed her shorts and panties and yanked them off, she raised her hips to allow them to come off with ease. I then grabbed her knees and raised them also spreading them. Her sex now right in my face proceeded to lick and flick her clitoris while sliding into her sopping wet pussy with two fingers again. Working her g-spot with hard firm strokes she had a very hard orgasm. She arched her back and her whole body shook as cum started to run out of her. I tried to lap it all up but so much came at once that some ran down her crack. I went after that cum also which made her squeal when my tongue hit her asshole. God she tasted so good, like the nectar of the sweetest flower I’ve ever smelt.

After licking her clean, I thought it was my turn so I dropped my pants and underwear letting my fully erected man shaft loose. Grabbing it I spanked her pussy and clitoris with it. Positioning myself at her entrance working it into her wetness pushing into her with the head then back out. She whispered ”I want it now give it to me”. I said ”are you sure” teasing her, knowing full well I couldn’t stop now. ”Yes” she said fuck me with it now. I was never the type to disappoint so I shoved into her with my full length at once, until I felt her cervix. She let out a gasp as if it hurt, but then said ”oh god yes fuck me hard”. I pulled her with greater force each time. Giving her my full length each stroke feeling myself bottom out each time. Listening to her grunting and moaning with each thrust made me work even harder. By now my sweat and hers is making a slick pool on her belly.

We fucked for what seemed to be hours, because we just were in sync as our pelvises slammed into each. Selena screamed as she had another intense orgasm. As her pussy muscles latched onto my cock, my balls tingled and let loose spraying my seed into her unprotected p**** delivering it all to her cervix opening. As I held into her feeling pulse after pulse of my hot cum entering her. Her pussy muscles still clamped onto my manhood, not pulling out until I was completely done.

As I fell onto her in complete exhaustion, both breathing like we had just run a marathon and our hearts beating. She finally said after catching her breath, ”what have we been waiting for? We should have been fucking each other the whole time we’ve known each other”. I turned to her and said ”oh god yes I can’t wait for next time”. Zachary never even had an idea that we spent as much time together as we could, fucking at every single chance we got.

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