Foods That Are Secretly Making You Fat

Foods That Are Secretly Making You Fat

With summer body season rapidly approaching, many of us are looking to swap in some healthy alternatives to trim a few pounds. But there are two issues here: eating well isn’t an exact science and dieting, well, sucks. As he explains here, sensible food swaps are an easy way to cut calories, and this goes right down to perceived healthy options.

Sandwich Wraps

You probably think swapping slices of bread for a wrap is an easy way to cut out calories and carbs. However, many varieties are actually worse for you than a couple of slices of wholegrain, containing more sugar and sodium than bread before you’ve even considered the filling. If you simply prefer wraps, look for 100 per cent wholegrain versions and avoid ‘veggie wraps’ as these are often just white flour wraps with a whole heap of food colouring.



Nuts are good for you, but portion size is especially important here. A portion of nuts should be about six nuts any more and you’re downing a lot of calories. Walnuts are one of the best for you, containing tonnes of Omega 3 for brain function, along with protein, vitamin E and fibre. Almonds are calorie-packed, so keep an eye on that snack bag.



Sushi is a high-carb meal with little protein. The rice used in most high-street sushi is white, short grain rice, and this, coupled with the high salt content of soy sauce, will spike your blood sugar levels and leave you hungry. Don’t disregard it, though – sushi can be healthy. Opt for sashimi instead of rolls, and brown rice where possible. Make sure it’s salmon or tuna rather than something fatty and check [any seaweed] is MSG-free as this can cause headaches and tiredness that typically see you eating comfort food.



Everyone’s favourite instafood is packed with nutrients, antioxidants, fibre and heart-healthy fats. But if you’re looking to lose weight, these should be one of the first things to cut. A single avocado can have more than 350 calories, which means that even a small serving of guacamole or avo-topped toast can be a hefty portion of your daily allowance.



While it sounds like all those vitamins in one go is a health no-brainer, the hidden trouble with downing your five a day in one go comes from the naturally occurring sugars in fruit. These will send the body’s blood glucose levels into overdrive, leading to sugar cravings an hour later when you crash. If you love smoothies, opt for one that has at least 80 per cent vegetables and 20 per cent berries – or cut out fruit altogether and go for ginger to add some flavour.

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