I watch him sleep, touch his lips with my fingertips, lay over him with my breasts just inches from his mouth. He sighs, a breath that tickles my nipples into life. I whisper to him – ”I love you” I slide my body onto his and lay there, feeling his heat.

He reaches out from his slumber, eyes still closed, I touch my tongue to his chin and trail it down his neck. He pushes his hips up into me, I moan. I inch down his torso over his navel to his hips where I can smell his skin, whispering aching for my touch begging me- ”Please” I pull his boxers over his hips, slowly kissing through my dark hair

The breath of his chest is inhaled into me and I taste it with my lips in short loving kisses. The tip of my tongue comes alive trailing over his shaft, tickling veins that pump vitality through his groin I want to take him deep into my mouth, deep into my aching dripping pussy. I want to fuck him and make love to him simultaneously. I suck him, long, languishing there in his lap. My mouth opens around his thickened flesh

I suck him in again, faster and faster still, watching his sleeping face as he fucks my mouth I know he is dreaming of sex as he whispers my name. A yearning inside of me pushes me to his lips and I am hovering high like a snowflake falling above him. I lower myself, feeling him stretch into me opening me, I haven’t been with him in a while and it hurts to have him inside of me this way. But I love the feeling of having him there, the feeling of his hard erection spreading me as my pussy clamps around him.

He touches me then, out of his sleep moaning, He is fucking me back, making love to me and I am there now at the climax with him in side of me, I am calling his name, He is my master, My Lover, My Soulmate my friend. We are there in this dream world. I slump into his arms and drift there between sleep and wake. Between sanity and Love. Between his soul and mine. Where our bodies, the two… are one.

This is our lust, and this is our world. This love is ours to have. While he sleeps, when he wakes. In this world and the next, he is mine forever.

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