Designer Tech Accessories Every Man Should Own

Designer Tech Accessories Every Man Should Own

In recent years, a growing number of luxury brands have turned their attention to tech and, more specifically, the accessories that accompany it. Labels both small and mighty have created distinctly un-nerdy ranges capable of housing gadgets without making us look like a nerd. Here are some must have accessories to help to in you day to day activities and also back up your fashion style.

Montblanc Meisterstück Leather Briefcase


Available at Mr Porter, priced N318,000.

Going for a job interview or just going to work, add some chief executive chic to your armoury. Montblanc has crafted a sleek leather laptop holder cum. Very flat and goes with every formal look.

Cover-Up Woodback Skin


Available at Cover-Up, priced N16,000.

Use nature like cover up for laptops, tablets and phones, the sustainable, will give a rough and ready vibe to even the most clinical of workstations and also protects your tech from scratches and fall.

This Is Ground Tech Dopp Kit


Available at Bear & Bear, priced N51,000.

The needs of modern, tech-savvy men. Cut from premium and durable leather, and with compartments for phones, tablets and cables galore. The accessory is very important as you can see it stores little thing you need in your day to day life.

Drawstring Laptop Backpack


Available at Victorinox, priced N37,000

A multi-buckled mesh backpack does no one’s style any favours. That’s not to say casual carriers are off-limits. It has room for every device going without turning you into Inspector Gadget.

Knomo Premium Folio


Available at Knomo, priced N20,000.

Ditch the rubber cases for a Knomo premium leather phone folio. Wrap-around cushioning, multiple card slots and a stand make for a more practical statement.


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