5 Signs He Sees You As Cheat-On-Able, NOT Date-able


1. You likely “forced” your first date.

You may have worked through a friend to fix you up or maybe you were lucky enough to meet in person. Either way, you were the one who avidly tried time after time to set up the first date.

You refused to see any scheduling conflicts as a lack of interest and remained persistent until the date was set. As the one pushing so hard for it, you probably were a lot more excited about this date than he was.

2. He never seems truly excited to go on a date with you.

Sure, you think they enjoy your company once they’re actually out with you. You guys never have a bad time, you just don’t have a great time either. Compared to how you have felt about dates in your past this feels so vanilla, so luke-warm.

3. His genuine interests do not interest you.Whether it is your job, your workout regimens, your hobbies, or all of the above, when you spend hours talking about the wonderful things that get you out of bed in the morning, you feel like it’s falling on deaf ears.

4. He doesn’t bother getting to know the deep layers of who you are.He doesn’t ask how you came to be the way you are, when your last relationship was, where you want to be in a few years, or any other serious relationship questions. You might not realize why these questions don’t pop into his mind, but the reason likely is that he doesn’t see you anywhere in his long-term. You shouldn’t avoid one of these early stage signs he’s going to cheat.

5. He’s never stopped entertaining other options.

And you kind of suspect it. “Technically” he is dating you, but when a person from their past texts to strike things up, it’s not ignored. You can suspect this because he is likely getting gunshy about labeling your relationship. If he’s hesitant to call you his girlfriend, he is keeping his options open. He’s probably still acting like he’s single when you’re not around.

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