10 years old girl fought off an alligator.

Juliana Ossa, a 10 years old girl escaped death by fighting off an alligator. Juliana was swimming in a designated swimming area at Moss Park when she was bitten by the alligator. Prior to the attack, she had learnt at Gatorland, the tips on what to do in case of an alligator attack and those tips ultimately saved her life.

“I used what they taught me at Gatorland, so I put my two fingers up its nostrils and it couldn’t breath and had to breath from its mouth and then let my leg out,” she said. “The gator didn’t do anything because he was too busy biting my leg and too busy with his claws in the sand. He didn’t have any attack moves to take out my fingers.” Juliana said.

Juliana incurred some injuries on her leg but she’s currently undergoing treatment.

Photo Source: Google Images

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